Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Day

I was late getting down to the conference this morning. It was hard to sleep last night because I was excited! I went to two educational sessions this morning, sneaking breakfast in between. Then my brother came for the Golden Gavel luncheon. Every year, Toastmasters presents an award for outstanding communication and the person being honored gets the award and gives a speech after lunch. My brother and I sat with two women from Virginia, a woman from Australia, a woman from Canada, a man from New York, and a woman from Alabama who lives now in California, and I also took him around and introduced him to almost everybody from New Mexico. The speaker was very good with a great message about doing what is significant and what makes a difference.

After my brother left, I went to another educational session, called work, called home, and let myself be redirected from going out to dinner to stay and hear the candidates for international office. There were 13 positions to fill and candidates from the Phillipines, Canada, Dubai, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the United States (Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington, California, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and New York). Whew!


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