Friday, August 18, 2006

Edgewood Community Fest

Tomorrow, I will be at the East Mountain Toastmasters meeting in Edgewood, New Mexico, at 9:00 AM. It's at the Mountain Valley Church (modular building next to the church). From Edgewood, take old Route 66 4 mles west until you come to a road where 217 goes south and Mountain Valley Road goes north. Go over the viaduct and immediately past the viaduct turn right, go about 50 feet, and turn left into the driveway of the modular building.

Then, it's on to the Edgewood Community Fest. It's at the corner of Dinkle Road and Deanna Lane next to Thunder Mountain Water Company and it lasts until 4:00 PM. Southwest Writers will have a booth there. I bet there are lots of writers in these mountains!

Here's the map to both events!

Oops, they shrunk the map! The Toastmasters meeting is just a little bit west of Deanna and Dinkle, shown here. It's at Mountain Valley and Dinkle.


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