Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Even When I'm Flying!

All it took was for us to smile wryly at each other when the stewardess commented that the weather in Dallas, our layover point, was a balmy 84 and not expected to go over 100 degrees. Then, of course, we started talking. By the time we had made it halfway to Dallas I had sold my seatmate a book. At one point, she said, "Well, it sounds like there are some good things in there." And I said, "Oh, yes, there are really good things in there!" She laughed and I realized that it was immodest of me to say that about my book, but it didn't feel that way because it is a wonderful book, not because I am wonderful, but because the ideas are wonderful. I didn't think them up you see, I just saw them and wrote them down.

Besides an interminable wait to take off at Dallas that made us late getting into DC, the flight went smoothly. I hooked up with my brother for dinner and then we had a great time playing on our respective computers for hours.


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