Saturday, August 19, 2006

East Mountain Toastmasters

We had a great time at East Mountain Toastmasters! They have a wonderful meeting place -- a little building off to itself with a huge meeting room right inside the front door painted and decorated in a multitude of cheerful colors. We had Table Topics (impromptu speaking practice), a speech, and a panel discussion. A great meeting! After the meeting, we moseyed on down Dinkle Road a little ways to the Edgewood Community Fest. There was live music, roasted corn and other food, and lots of arts and crafts and local businesses with booths. The rain threatened all day but never really came. Southwest Writers shared a booth with Custom Cabinets and Fine Furnishings by Ed Schairer with Sandy Schairer promoting SWW. Two of the East Mountain Toastmasters and I made the rounds promoting Toastmasters. It's a great community!


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