Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What If What I Expect Doesn't Happen?

But what if one of the things that I expect to happen doesn’t happen? It should happen. But it doesn’t. I am stopped at a stoplight. My light turns green. I know the other light has turned red. I expect the other drivers to stop. But I look before I go, because I know that sometimes people run red lights. If I don’t look and someone does run the red light and runs into me, it won’t matter to me very much why they ran the red light. I will be hurt just as much if they ran it because they were too idiotically impatient to wait for the next cycle or if their brakes failed. It will be better for me (and them, for that matter) if I accept that sometimes people don’t do what I think they are supposed to do, whether it is because they won’t or they can’t or even because they didn’t know they were supposed to.

Doing the Right Thing
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