Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hastings at Candelaria & Tramway in Albuquerque

The Hastings at Candelaria and Tramway is so new:

It still shows as a vacant lot on the Windows Live Local aerial view. Although you can go down to the Windows Live Local bird's eye view and see it almost finished, just missing the sign on the front.

It is under construction on the Google Maps satellite view.

It is finished on the new aerial view at Mapquest, but it must not be open yet, because it's daytime and the parking lot is empty, which is not the case these days!

It's a beautiful new store with comfortable chairs to lounge in and a great new cafe. I especially love the Business section, because it's a handsome display right in the middle of the books. When I stopped in tonight, my book was still on the New Arrivals table in front of the cafe and you'll find me just inside the door on Friday between 4 and 6 PM!

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