Wednesday, July 26, 2006

University of Phoenix Job Fair

Today I spent 5 hours at the University of Phoenix Job Fair representing Toastmasters. There were hundreds of people there, many employers and state agencies, and KKOB radio, so it was a lot of fun! They even fed us lunch!

It was great practice for explaining what Toastmasters is in two minutes or less to people who don't know what we do. Also, for making a short speech without any fillers (saying "you know?" after every statement is my worst extemporaneous speaking flaw). It was easy to be excited about what I was doing, because Toastmasters can really help people.

It's interesting. My book can really help people, too, but I am more reticent about pitching it because if people buy it, it makes money for me (theoretically, at least!). But maybe that's not important. Maybe what's important is that it can help people. If I could keep that uppermost in my mind... Hmmm...


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