Saturday, July 15, 2006

Every Woman Needs a Pair of Red Shoes

In his book, Napoleon Hill gives excellent advice -- to think about what you want in a positive way because your mind will set about making it happen. I wondered how to do that consistently. Which is why I am so glad I got up to go to Albuquerque Weekenders Toastmasters at 8:00 AM this Saturday morning, because I heard a wonderful speech entitled Every Woman Needs a Pair of Red Shoes.

The speaker said that red shoes are a talisman, a reminder of our inner joy, freedom, and power. And whether it is red shoes or a red tie or anything else that represents that to us, whether we are women or men, we should find our talisman and keep it with us so that we can focus on that feeling.

My talisman is the copy of my book that I carry with me always. I think I will also have a pin made so I can wear it!


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