Monday, July 10, 2006

Writers to Writers

Writers to Writers met tonight at the Hastings at Coors and Montano. I went over to hear Jonathan Miller talk about location in fiction writing. I haven't written any fiction, but I like to hear Jonathan. He is very enthusiastic and funny, smart and well spoken. Tonight he was wearing a white shirt and purple tie, which were featured in some of the selections he read, because he is a character in his books, too! He told us that location can be like another character, if you can make it interesting and unique. He said to make ordinary locations seem exotic and exotic locations seem ordinary. He read excerpts from his books to illustrate. I was especially taken by what he said about his first book, Rattlesnake Lawyer. It is set in New Mexico and the main character is from Washington, DC, like me!

Rattlesnake Lawyer
Rattlesnake Lawyer


Blogger Sandy Schairer said...

Darn. I missed hearing Jon Miller speak. I have all his books except the newest one. He is a member of SWW and a great speaker and an interesting guy. Good sense of humor. I'll bet that purple tie he wore is the one he bought on his trip to LA to meet with the movie was $125 tie and I asked him to wear it sometime so we could get a look at it. I wish I'd heard his talk about location and setting. I know it was good. I loved Rattlesnake Lawyer. Very funny. I love the way he puts himself into his writing (not as a character but his view of life and his personality quirks.) Thanks.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Sandy Schairer said...

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Blogger Sandy Schairer said...

I was born just outside of Washington DC, too, Marriane, in Cheverly MD.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Marianne said...

If you were born in Cheverly Hospital, then you were born at the hospital where my mother worked!

10:19 PM  

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