Sunday, December 11, 2005

Not Holding Back

Miz was right in her comment to the last post. I did get a great compliment for not holding back even though my speech did not come out as I would have liked. I am very grateful for that comment, because otherwise I might think that was the problem. And part of my message did get through, because another person said that there was something he could take away, which was that people don't need to change, they just need to make better choices. And I got some great suggestions for making it better, from illustrating my point with my own story to putting the emphasis on relationships, which is really what it's all about (yes, it is!).

An interesting thing happened after I had given my speech, too. I went to the store where I had had a misunderstanding with a person and saw her. She saw me, too, and, once again, I needed something out of the ordinary. Not labels this time, though. She remembered me. She asked one of the salespeople to help "this nice lady". Then she looked me in the eye and smiled really beautifully and said, "a very nice lady". I gave her my best smile back. I think she understood that I was and I am trying to be a good person. And I understand that about her as well.


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