Monday, October 10, 2005

Book and Cover Proofs

I put my book in the format that ebookstand specified on their website ( I reread it about 100 times. Sue Mazonne ( read it for me. I e-mailed it to them. They sent me back a proof in Adobe Acrobat format. It was perfect, except for a few mistakes of my own that I didn't catch before I sent it. They graciously agreed to fix those and I approved the second electronic proof. I will be getting the paper proof next week, they say.

For the cover, I laid out a design in Word but it had to be in .tiff. So they recreated my design in their software and sent that back for my approval as a .jpg. That was an extra charge (about $120). I could have done it myself if I had the right software (and some practice). But my book spine is so narrow I thought it would be better if they guaranteed that it would all come out all right!


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