Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Better Life Success Enrichment Seminar 4

Maybe you, too, have done something exciting, exotic, and unexpected? Strange how it affects you, isn’t it? No matter how much you research, prepare, and think you have learned everything about it, there are things that people never tell you,
maybe don’t know how to explain, unless you’ve been there.

Anybody can see that driving a truck would be fun. Remember how competent you felt when you first drove a car alone? Well, multiple that a hundredfold when your vehicle weighs 40 tons. But there were other things I didn’t expect. That the whole country would become like my home neighborhood, familiar and friendly. That I would always see a few people I knew on each coast to coast run because they were traveling the same routes as I was. That I would talk to so many strangers, because we were always talking, talking, talking to keep ourselves awake and alert.

Whether or not you stay with it, return to what you were doing before, or go on to something else, it changes you. Or does it?


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