Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting Mad

I think that I have said before that I learned what I know from making mistakes. So, I must be still learning because I'm still making mistakes. I didn't do the right thing today. I made myself mad. I would try to say that someone else made me mad, but I know better. People just do what they do and we decide what it means. We are the ones who make ourselves mad. Or I could have been mad intentionally. That is, I could have thought about what was said and done and decided to let people know that it was not okay with me. But that isn't what happened. I decided I had been insulted and let myself react without thinking about where my reaction would take me or even where I wanted to go. Not that I can do that in the few seconds it takes me to walk down the hall. I just shouldn't have walked down the hall until I had thought about it!


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