Tuesday, May 03, 2005

People Are Accountable for Their Words and Actions

On the other hand, we are all accountable for our words and actions. What we say and do are choices that we make. Choices that affect other people. So, we are accountable, not because we need to get permission, but because we will get a reaction.

And we are still accountable even when we are "provoked". Other people don't really make us mad. We make ourselves mad. We hear what they say or see what they do and decide that it is an insult or a threat to us and we react. But we always have a choice about how we respond. We can choose another reaction that could make the situation go the way we want it to go, that will help us achieve our goals.

And what if it's not really about us anyway? What if they seem to be shooting at us but they're really aiming at something else? What if we just stepped out from in front of the target?


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