Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Be Who You Want to Become

I was talking with some other managers tonight about knowing who to promote. As we were talking, I realized that what I have actually been doing for some time now is recognizing people for what they are already doing.

When I needed a lead for my team, I picked the person who was already leading. She was the one that everybody went to with questions and for help in difficult situations. She made herself an expert in our business, she went beyond what was required of her, she pursued problems until they were resolved. She was the lead.

When I needed a project coordinator, I picked the person who was already coordinating. His work was well organized and prioritized. He knew who was the best at each thing that needed to be done. He recruited the appropriate people when there was something he couldn't do by himself. He was the coordinator.

Without my even being conscious of it, it worked for me, too. When I was ready, the responsibility that I had demanded and never been given was handed over to me easily.

Be who you want to become.

Doing the Right Thing
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