Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Marketing and Personal Development

As I was updating my beautiful new Squidoo lens, Business Management and Personal Development, I noticed that two of my links are to marketers. Not marketers as in getting you to buy something you don't want and can't afford but as in getting the word out so people can find what they need or want that you've got. One is Seth Godin and the other is Scott Ginsberg. They are very different, but I love them both, and I think they must have something in common. Maybe it's that they don't gripe about what's bad, they get creative about how to change it. Maybe it's that they have a vision of what's good and a brilliant way of communicating it. And they're funny, amusing, entertaining, witty, but never at another person's expense. I think they see the possibilities in everyone. Maybe we're all customers? Maybe that's a good way for us to treat each other!


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