Thursday, April 06, 2006

Computers and Taxes

Today was my day to do the taxes. I spent the first three hours saying bad things to my computer. The software I use, Turbotax, is great but it is always wanting to download something from the internet and I could not get it to work. Checked on the online help and finally went to the online tech chat, where they offered to e-mail me the instructions, but I wasn't falling for that old line. I knew they were just going to send me the same information I had already found online. I turned off firewalls and allowed cookies in all the places I could find. But that didn't help a bit. Finally, the tech asked, "Do you have a router?" Yes, I do. And yes, that was the same thing that kept it from working last year, if only I had remembered! After that, it was smooth sailing. I hope I remember this next year.


Blogger mpragnes said...

Here's a tip -- download TaxCut for free and import TurboTax data

11:38 AM  

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