Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dear Oprah Revised

If people only knew, we create our lives by our choices. Not that we should worry or obsess over them, just do the best we can, because there are always more choices. That's something that you seem to know.

You can't always choose what happens to you. But you can choose what to think about it. You can choose what to do about it. You can choose to stop waiting for things to happen to you and go out and make things happen for you.

And there are other choices that are more subtle. Accepting people just as they are. Believing that people always have a good reason for what they say and do. Knowing that everyone is doing the best they can. Listening and speaking with respect and compassion. These are choices, too.

We can choose to treat everyone the same and treat them well, not because of who they are, but because of who we are.

I think you are in the business of helping people to see what their choices might be. I think it is work you love because you are a searcher yourself. Doing the Right Thing and Achieving All Your Goals at the Same Time is my gift to you. It is about the choices that people can make in their relationships with other people. It’s about doing the right thing, which also just happens to be the way to achieve all your goals.


Blogger Miz said...

How about you say: "Dear Oprah: Just read the dang thing!" (smile)

8:16 AM  

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