Monday, March 16, 2009

If You Don't Want to Know, Don't Ask

On the other hand, if you don’t want to know what someone thinks, don’t ask. People are accountable for their words and actions, not their thoughts and feelings. They don’t have to tell you everything they think and feel. If nothing they say will change your mind and it will make them mad because you don’t care what they say (probably!), don’t ask. Hopefully, these are not people on your team, because you should care what people on your team think, unless you were planning on doing this all by yourself, maybe? If you suspect someone is not 100 percent behind your plan and it will just irritate you if they confirm that, don’t ask. If a decision has been made and they are doing their part, they don’t have to pledge allegiance every day. Before you get started, it is in your best interest to let everyone tell you what their reservations are and what options they think would be better. You need that input to make sure you haven’t overlooked something important. But everybody doesn’t have to agree 100 percent for a course of action to be taken. If 100 percent agreement were required from all parties, no plan would ever be implemented. If the plan is a good one, they will probably be convinced eventually. If it isn’t, you’ll need them. even more than those who agreed with you, to help you find a better idea!

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