Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Is It?

What is it about Toastmasters that makes it so fun, exciting, and inspirational? These are the ingredients, which don't have to be confined to a Toastmasters club, but which you can see working there:

We are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to learn. We don't give any tests or reject anyone for not being good enough. The desire is all that anyone needs.

We demonstrate what we want to teach. People learn by watching others, in all stages of development, and by trying it themselves, by getting up and doing. Trying is rewarded. Failing is not punished.

We concentrate on what is good. We want people to keep doing what they are already doing well and build on that. Every success is noted and rewarded.

We tell people how we think it could have been even better. We tell the truth, but kindly. We never criticize unless we have a suggestion to make, which is always expressed as our own opinion.

We keep in mind that people hear negative comments very loudly and praise very softly and that it takes many positive comments to balance a negative one.

We remember that our goal is to inspire the person to keep trying, to keep getting better, and to want to come back and do it again.

In all these ways, we show how much we value the person we are trying to help. We never give up on them. We believe in them. And we believe in ourselves, in our ability to help them.

As we do all these things, which is the way we are taught to do them, something starts to change in us. We realize that the desire to do something is the most important thing. We see that people do have all the right stuff and only need a little help to polish it up. We come to know that every one of us brings a unique perspective that makes all of us working together an awesome teacher. We share the joy that each one experiences, because we help to bring it about. We watch each other grow and see how it's done and know that we can, too.

Doing the Right Thing
and Achieving All Your Goals at the Same Time


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